September 27, 2013

A Recap

Yesterday and today I officially handed over my work to my new coworker (and have only TWO days left at work...yes TWO! So weird). We have tickets booked for our trip, backpacks are ordered, wedding rentals are done (thanks to my twin sis staying on top of it), we have an empty apartment with things to be packed over the weekend and a city to enjoy (it's our last weekend here!)--all in all things are starting to come together. With this, I've had a bit of down time this week to scroll through old posts and decided to take a trip down memory lane via this little blog o' mine...

Join me!

I couldn't be happier with our Amsterdam engagement pics. And I'm happy to say that Liz has not only become a friend but will also photograph our Mexico wedding!!

Christian's sweet sunset proposal.

This place is home to too many great memories--soon our wedding will be one of them.

And the place where it all began: Finland!

I returned back to this place twice in one summer and third time with one of my best friend 10 months—it was that beautiful!

My best friends in Amsterdam. Absolutely glorious.

Sicily, we loved you and the best pasta I've ever had. 

Paris is never a bad idea.

I left my heart in Bairro Alto!

This magical metropolis made me forget about the Western world completely--I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Wining, dining and roadtripping with our parents in Tuscany & Normandy.

This epic trip is still one of our all-time favorite trips together.

Spain's giant tomato fight was even more fun than it sounds.

And this roadtrip is definitely not far behind.

This is by far my most popular post...I still don't know why.

Boy do I love me some European music festivals! Next is to try the American ones ;)

We still can't decide which place is better for island-hopping...this or this? Maybe a couple of return visits will settle it ;)

I'm glad my Harry Potter Bridal Shower was a big hit too!

This sad post is another popular one. I still think about all of you who donated money to Julia's cause and sent me encouraging emails (and still do!). 

Ofcourse wedding posts are pretty popular as well ;)--my twin sister's wedding and Christian's brother's wedding.

And lastly, ladies & most favorite city in the world.

Oh how blessed I have been these last few years.

Have a good weekend!


Nicole Marie said...

such a wonderful chapter of your lives... almost on to the next!

Taylor said...

yaaay! i agree with nicole - you summed up this chapter so eloquently and beautifully. here's to a new beginning !

Unknown said...

This is so exciting for you two!! What a neat place to be in life :)