September 13, 2013

Snacking in Camden, Lounging in South Kensington

A few months ago I found dirt-cheap overnight bus tickets from Amsterdam to London for last weekend--I scooped them up before I could give a second thought about what an overnight bus to London actually entails (which I found out later was 5 hours to Calais, 1.5 hours on a ferry to Dover, and 2 hours to London..ugh...but on the bright side, they still sell pints on the ferry at why not?). I justified it by saying it would be great training for overnight bus travel in Asia, although I'm sure this bus is a luxury. Although I have heard Thai buses are pretty fancy too. This bus to London also meant I could visit my favorite Aussie friend!

I had 36 hours in London with Courtney and we really no had plans on the agenda. As in no. plans. whatsoever. We walked around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (which is where Will, Kate and lil George live! I love Kate!), ate lunch at Camden Market (my god, the choices!), got afternoon tea around the corner, ordered Indian takeaway at the hostel and just chatted about anything and everything while walking around South Kensington and Notting Hill. 

Hostel: Astor Hyde staff, perfect location by Hyde Park and pretty fancy
Bus:, only 18 EUR...just couldn't pass it up. I also took a roundtrip bus to Bruges, Belgium, for only 25 EUR
Camden Market: come hungry and snack away!

Soon, I was back on the bus en route to Amsterdam (then off the bus, to metro, to work...why do I always do that to myself?). The best part of the weekend wasn't only seeing my fave Aussie, snacking on warm scones with cream and jam or chowing down on Venezuelan arepas at Camden Market--it was at the end of the weekend, before I hopped in a cab driven by a jolly Englishman, when my Aussie friend and I got to say 'see you in Mexico!'

Because that Aussie friend o' mine is one of my bridesmaids! So the 'See you in Mexico's' have begun...


Mar Ward said...

Love the bright colors in these photos! And seeing that fish and chips sign makes me very hungry :)

Nicole Marie said...

wow you are so brave! that's so much traveling! such an adventurer ;)

Unknown said...

I have to say, I just found your blog and am so thrilled I did! :)