April 7, 2014


Christian, that geeky husband of mine, is a tech guy at heart. Basically 'gadget' is his middle name. So early on in the planning of our 6 month backpacking trip South Korea became a part of our trip. After a Norwegian couple told us that Seoul was 'the best city on the planet' we decided to do a good 9-10 days here. And oh how happy we were during those 9 days.

The Koreans know how to party...I mean Hongdae was ALIVE every single night.

Then there were those cheap shops selling the world's cutest sweaters for like...$10!!

Then we went to a cat cafe which ofcourse goes to show we are crazy cat people...lol.

And then the Korean BBQ...mmm. Cooking quality meat while your table is covered with 'banchan' (Korean side dishes) and kimchee and the rice wine and soju wash it all down. Korean BBQ is one of the best culinary experiences we've had in Asia.

Seoul is so alive, so delicious and so so so so advanced. We were constantly connected to free wifi around the city. 

Basically, Christian wants to move there...and those Norwegians were right, Seoul was the best city we've experienced in Asia :)...and possibly ever...well besides Amsterdam ofcourse ;)...


Jenna said...

I seriously LOVE that you guys went to a cat cafe! That would be number 1 on my itinerary. And that food... YUM!

Anonymous said...

Seoul looks amazing! All the food shots especially - I'm definitely hungry now :)

AlwaysKnow2015 said...

hi thanks,for sharing your epic journeys,hehe..i wonder what kind of camera did u used for the travelling?thanks