April 17, 2012

C’mon Dutch Summer!

It’s inching towards May and we’re still wearing our winter coats…ok and we’re still keeping the heating on most nights. I’m dreaming about those warm summer nights in Amsterdam when the sun stays out until late, lights glisten off the canals and it's natural to grab a bottle of wine, a few friends and dangle our feet over the side of the canal as a pre-going-out ritual, which often turns into an all-night affair. Those days are soooo close! Summer, come out come out where ever you are!



Gesci said...

We're headed to Amsterdam tomorrow for a few days, and I was *so* hoping your weather would be a beautiful, balmy Spring compared to the recent sleet and hail we've had in England... sadly, the forecast doesn't predict it. Now I'm just hoping Saturday isn't pouring rain as predicted, since we're headed to Keukenhof then! I'll cheer for an unexpected warm evening, too!

Anonymous said...

all i have to say to this, is AMEN.

let's go summertime.

Anonymous said...

girl i feel ya. i can't fathom why in the world it is still sleeting up here in norway in APRIL. not just april, but MID APRIL. at this rate there will be no may flowers...im sure of that!!!

Jenna said...

We're headed towards cold weather down here and the sun is rapidly disappearing - hopefully it's headed over to your side! :)


Andrea D said...

Your photos are gorgeous! The last one of the bridge over the water is absolutely stunning. I'm officially adding Amsterdam as one of the places I need to visit in Europe.
Hope it warms up for you! :)

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so amazing! I can't wait for summer nights here in the US either!

Nicole Marie said...

i want summer weather too! i thought for sure it would be summer dress and shorts weather by now.. but it's been raining forever!