June 29, 2012

My Best Friends in Amsterdam Part 1

We have been spoiled rotten with visitors since moving to Amsterdam, especially in the last two years. My best friend Smitty flew over on her first ever Eurotrip in September 2010 and we tackled Paris, Oktoberfest, Cinque Terre, Sicily and Venice…Amsterdam too ofcourse.

Another one of my best friends—Traci--came a couple of months later, my mom came for Queen’s Day and and we spent Mother’s Day in Venice, we had our friends Denis and Emma over from Paris, my friend Traci came yet another time and we sampled tons of Belgium beers in Ghent, and Smitty and I city-tripped off to Prague on her third trip to Europe this past February. Most recently my parents came over for their second trip out to visit me since I moved here and we had two amazing weeks in Amsterdam, Normandy and Tuscany :).

Just last weekend, my friend Tanya came over from Brussels and we wandered around street markets and had canal-side picnics—pretty good intro for her first time in Amsterdam! And THIS SUNDAY my twin sister and her hubby will be here and will be joining us and 25 of our friends on a canal boat! See? SPOILED ROTTEN!!! And I’m not even counting all of the small weekend visits from friends like Jacqui, Chris, Ross, Jon, Christian’s friends and family, etc.

But the absolute king of all visits happened last summer. Smitty decided to leave Cali behind and go off to Europe once again but this time she stayed with us (we made her a mini room behind the couch…hehe) in Amsterdam for THREE WHOLE MONTHS—yes an entire summer in Amsterdam with one of my best friend! Oh but just wait! Smitty and I aren’t alone though, there’s a third best friend in our trio—Julia. Once Julia got wind of the situation, she decided to also fly out to Amsterdam for a few weeks! Actually the first time I ever came to Amsterdam, I was with Julia! But this time was too incredible to believe…

YES THAT’S RIGHT—REUNITED IN AMSTERDAM WITH MY BEST FRIENDS!! Not just for a weekend or a few days, but for over two weeks the three of us were seriously smitten, doing what we did back home, laughing, getting in to trouble, staying up until the early morning hours and thoroughly enjoying every single second that we had together. I miss them so much and here they were…with me…in Amsterdam.

It was a summer of a lifetime…

untitled-8423_thumb[4]chef smit-1723_thumb[4]chef smit-1647a_thumb[5]
{Lounging on the canals daily}
chef smit-1661_thumb[2]chef smit-1685_thumb[2]
{Street markets}
chef smit-1754_thumb[2]

{Breakfasts at 4PM!}
chef smit-1773_thumb[2]

{Just bein' creeps!}

{Canal...mmmm at about 5AM}

{Lots and lots of rain!}

{Typical best friend conversations with this view...every single night! Seriously!}


Jay said...

Sounds so fun!

We didn't have a single visitor in Gabon the last 2 years... the ticket from NA is 2500$, you need a ton of immunizations and there's malaria. I'm really hoping that we'll be able to welcome some people in Norway!

Jenna said...

This sounds amazing! I love having people visit from the states, it's so much fun to show them around :) Your photos are amazing!


Allie said...

That is so awesome that you had so many of your friends and family come visit you and travel with you on various occasions. And to have both of your best friends with you at once in such a beautiful city is just beyond amazing! And all the photos you have are gorgeous.

Jeanelle said...

5am? you crazy girls ;) ps: nothing in the world like best friend convos