March 19, 2014

Another country, another motorbike! Well...dirtbike...

Christian just about had motorbiking down to a fine art. Then the motorbike shop in El Nido said they only had a semi-automatic dirtbike to rent out to us. Small obstacle...small obstacle, Christian thought. Can't be TOO much more difficult than what we've been on before.

I hopped on the back as per usual...and just as we left town the first sight we see is a tourist who had just fallen off his...semi-automatic dirtbike. Sweet.

Fortunately I've got the best motorbiking, dirtbiking, scoot-scootin' husband in town! We bounced all over the roads between El Nido and Nacpan Beach and made it there (and back!) in one piece. We also ended up on the local road...more like a local footpath. Before we knew it, we had missed the turn but a local told us to follow him, then after a few kilometers, he pointed to a trail in the jungle, yelled 'Nacpan!' and disappeared. So that was our trail. A 1 meter wide pathway/tunnel of trees apparently leading to a beach that we couldn't even see.

And we made it :). Christian rolled the dirtbike onto the sand, we hopped in for a dip and rode down to the main part of the beach...where all of the non-lost people end up. Fortunately we were pleased to see that they had plates of grilled shrimp for $5...and an actual road back to town.