March 20, 2014

Snorkeling Trip: Tour C in El Nido

I was really surprised about the lack of tourists in El Nido. Ofcourse it's not really on the typical backpack trail AND it requires a flight from Manila then a 6-7 hour bus from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. I am stoked that this little paradise is a bit cut-off from tourists.

Just about the only touristy things you see around town are ads for boats to Coron and snorkeling tours A-D. We decided to hop on board Tour C and were more than happy with our decision! For about $32 (includes a national park fee) we visited 5 spots such as snorkeling on Helicopter Island and visiting Secret Beach and Hidden Beach, the most beautiful sneaky beaches which are hidden behind those magnificent limestone cliffs! 

Around mid-day, the boat found a private beach and the captain and co-captain whipped up a lunch of fresh grilled tuna, steam crab, salad, fruit and BBQ pork. And it was beyond delicious.

At $32 for a full day of island-hopping, snorkelling and lunch on a private beach, it was worth every penny!

{See the seasnake?}


Sarah said...

This looks so amazing! I just went snorkeling for the first time and can't wait do do it again!

Jenna said...

So so beautiful! Hard to even believe that it's real!

LeeLee said...

Simply stunning place!

Tala Valino said...

May i know where you stayed in el nido? Thanks!