March 25, 2014

Moving from El Nido town to Corong Corong Beach

No island getaway is complete without a beachfront bungalow right? Well that was my argument so we could stay in just one more bungalow on our last beachy destination on our trip! I found Talindak Beach Cottages on Corong Corong Beach on Trip Advisor and at $30 a night for a beach bungalow, we couldn't pass it up. We had two lounge chairs in front of our cottage and had the most incredible beach at our doorstep. El Nido town (only a $1 tricycle ride away) was better for food and civilization but Corong Corong Beach was incredible. The sunsets were the best we'd seen on our trip, locals were tending to their fishing nets each morning, little Filipino kids were starfish-hunting or playing on the volleyball net strewn up in the water. It was glorious.

We were glad we got to stay in El Nido for a few nights to enjoy the town but we were glad we moved over to Corong Corong...and we didn't look back to El Nido town ;).


Unknown said...

oh my goodness, amazing! take me there. immediately.

Tala Valino said...

your photos are breathtaking! How was your stay at talindak cottages? :)