March 17, 2014

Filipino Paradise! Palawan

A few quick snaps from our most excellent 10 days in Palawan...

I always dreamed of going to Palawan. The water, the palm trees, the boats...ugghhh I had to go there one day! However the Philippines were completely vetoed from our SE Asia route almost from the beginning. Then Christian became a beach guy, our plans shifted and a perfect little pocket of time opened up for Palawan. And ofcourse it helped a bit when my sister sent us a list of the best beaches in the world and Palawan made the cut ;) ;)...thanks Twinnie.

It was just as amazing in person as it was in the photos. People were very friendly. El Nido felt completely away from the tourist trail...actually it felt like we were *nearly* cut off from the rest of the world during our time there.

More on Palawan later...but this beautiful place just became one of our favorite destinations so far.


Jenna said...

Don't you just love it when fate intervenes - this place looks like a little piece of heaven! I think I already told you that we're planning on spending about 3 weeks in SE Asia for our honeymoon - I need all your tops that can be squeezed into a 3 week time frame :)