May 2, 2012

One Colorful Weekend

The infamous Queen’s Day in Holland has come to an end and this year’s Queen’s Day weekend was definitely one for the books! Beer was plentiful, laughs never stopped and street parties seemed nearly endless. I took out my camera last Queen’s Day so I opted to give my camera a break this year. Fortunately my trusty iPhone was nearby and between the street parties and massive orange crowds, I got a few pics of what was one of the most beautiful Dutch days ever (almost as beautiful as our Dutch roadtrip!). Leave it up to Holland to rain every single day of April then when Queen’s Day arrived, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

*Our long weekend started in Maastricht visiting Christian’s family :).

*The eve of Queen’s Day is Queen’s Night and it was spent at a friend's house party along those pretty canals I love so much mingling with party-goers, ex-colleagues and new friends. The best part of the night was when I and a few other awesome ladies I’ve had the pleasure to get to know in the last few weeks joined Liz to celebrate her birthday!

*Queen’s Day arrives! We dressed in orange, grabbed some beer and hit the canals and street parties of Amsterdam! Queen’s Day means that everyone is having a blast and Amsterdam becomes alive with orange-y goodness. I had a blast walking around with Christian and his friends as we picked up cocktails and biertjes along the canals. Oh did I already mention how beautiful the weather was?! Has to be mentioned twice.

*Oh oh oh! I hit the town and saw Pretty Lights and Skrillex tear up the stage too! Shout out to Lindsey for Skrillex :). Pretty Lights especially was so fun!

These Dutch people know how to party, it’s no wonder that when I walked in to work on Tuesday every desk had a bottle of water, aspirin and a note from HR that said “We thought you might need this after yesterday’s celebration…” Now THAT’S a thoughtful employer ;). Blue skies + orange everything + lots and lots of Heineken = one colorful weekend! Now hurry up this weekend because I’m nowhere near recovered from this last Queen’s Day weekend!

On another note, I JOINED TWITTER! 'bout time I hopped on the bandwagon ;)

Tweet tweet! Let's Be Adventurers

{Pretty Lights & Skrillex!}
photo (39)_thumb[5]photo (40)_thumb[5]
{Yummy cocktail bar set up by the birthday girl and Lily stirring up a cocktail for Jeanelle!}
photo (36)_thumb[3]
photo (35)_thumb[2]
photo (42)_thumb[4]photo (38)_thumb[5]
photo (41)_thumb[2]
{Queen’s Day in a nutshell: drunken adults dressed in orange, wandering the streets of Amsterdam like hooligans and being totally cool with it! Like this guy...}photo (37)_thumb[3]


Anonymous said...

im seriously adding this celebration to my list next year. my liver says i have to. ;)

and YAY for your joining twitter!

LindseyC said...

AHHHH that concert! So jealous. And what a fun time.... I love partying with the Dutch! I raced on a Dutch sailboat in a big regatta this year and they could not walk the last night of the event they drank so much. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Love the iphone pics!

Samantha King said...

A good few years ago now I had a boyfriend who lived in Holland, and spent lots of time there... Queens Night/ Day was definitely one of the highlights. I have never looked at lots of orange the same since! x

LindseyC said...

WHAT?!?! That's insane. And that's an INCREDIBLE vid! Slacklining was a huge deal at my college, but I was never good at it. My friend started a slackyoga club haha! But wow they are some incredibly awesome people!

Rachael said...

Put queen's day or partying with the Dutch or BOTH on your list of things to experience...both are insanely fun :)

Allie said...

It sounds like you've had an awesome last few days! Queen's Day sounds like so much fun and I think I'm going to have to add Being in Amsterdam for Queen's Day to my bucket list. Also totally jealous that you got to see Pretty Lights and Skrillex! I'm sure they put on a great show.

Devon said...

Pretty Lights and Skrillex!? I'm so jealous. I bet it was amazing! Sounds like an awesome weekend!